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Dedicated to Annabell Grimm, written a year ago the night I lost her

The Grimm Keeper

I’ve travelled far yet come nowhere in this my lifelong reverie
Here where I stay she stopped as well to give some life to me
Though darkness let the shadows play and hindered me to see
That she travels by the name of Grimm and not by that of Lee

Distraught by draught I tried to hold what wasn’t here to stay
Winds brought her scent towards me even as she walked away
I bled with those my parting words but she had none to say
As fast as it would come towards me would she fade her sway

Our streets were split apart by dark when midnight struck the bell
A present absence brought me home enchanted by her spell
Before that beauty neither first nor last of men she’ll fell
Alas abandoned by my Annabell with naught but stories left to tell

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Publicerad 2019-07-24 21:43

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