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Come home so I can leave

I am sitting on your couch,
and you're not here,
I am snuggled up in your bed,
without you being near.
Waiting for you to get back home,
so I can finally leave,
return in one piece please,
so I can go home and grieve.
I want to kiss you on the cheek,
then say our goodbye,
out of sight, out of mind,
I don't think I can give this another try.
Desperate for you to love me,
or maybe at least like me back,
there's many things we can improve,
but passion can't be what we lack.
I will be ok and take it in stride,
pack my bags, leave the keys,
hold on to my fragile pride.

Prosa av pappersplan VIP
Läst 85 gånger
Publicerad 2021-06-29 19:25

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  Larz Gustafsson VIP
"Come back and stay for good this time"
(Paul Young)
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pappersplan VIP