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Beat of a broken heart

I feel lonely,
into every aching bone,
I wish someone could see me,
I wish for a place to feel at home.
I still feel like I am twelve,
wondering where I should go,
In so many ways just a little girl,
more lonely than anyone know.
I smile,
wish a happy weekend to them all,
then I close down for the day,
and let my teardrops fall.
I am no longer smiling,
no longer have my mask on,
my hair goes up in a bun,
putting on my favourite song.
I dance in solitude,
move my hips and my hands around,
I take my socks off,
I love feeling close to the ground.
But still I feel lonely,
and is not because I am alone,
no that is a feeling I know well,
safety in solitude is something I have always known.
It is being surrounded,
by people who don't get me,
keeping them at arms length,
guarding my heart to tightly.
This little girl,
trying so hard to let others in,
but with a depth of ocean,
she doesn't trust people can swim.
Today might feel like the days in my past,
but this woman can handle it,
she knows that feeling won't last.
So I pour a glass of wine,
and just move my feet,
this little broken heart of mine,
just swaying to the beat.

Fri vers av pappersplan VIP
Läst 11 gånger
Publicerad 2023-01-27 16:58

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pappersplan VIP