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Divinity in all 

unconquered quest 

eternal precense 

In a augmented life 

Strings toyed and entwined 

joined in bond of deepest love 

abode and abuse

the metha physical 

challenges of us 

enveigled by the spiritual request

Restrained , detained by the omnipresent

Soon smells turn in to fragrances

Inimitable noice blurs the void 

the sound of Silence in your eys 

A Sunday vanished with a trace 

The sound of sirens the sound of the trees 

the sound of Silence, snow and bumble bees 


Were already a century old 

smouldered in our souls 

we carry it all to the park for drowning 

We feed on greif we feed on laughters

Were overlapping circles of waters 

our vibrations speak more than earths rumbling

still there is not a peak its constant 

its the constant of the poet that starves

Its the chapell of brew 

Its the disarming parting kiss

the sacrosant emotional infinity and affinity 

the sensouss passion of the intellectuall cohession

all that makes me move you love and them enchanted

linguering sectretly and slowly away from cellular inspektors 

Is it you who give me radiance? 

And you,

You call me larger than life 

Utterly we accept affection 

Bite lips, click tounges like leaking Windows 

Are we earths soldiers of love? 
December dips in origins of white

The Thunderbirds lights

There is a feather in the parched ink

There is a urge to run to you in the mist 

still there i stand here i stand still

On the Island of mercy on the waterscape of hills 

A second hide a second tide 

You comit me to conduct

layers of love to my honey skin 

Im all tangled up in the sun, im a tiger 

Im all Im free im a Bird, yet a shaft of fire

A fantasy displays of distorting forms 

We float in water to be relinquished

Where our Bodies frame the ripples

Of chattering, were unframed in solitary peace 

Penetrating the cold the warm the luke 

of densities and mercilessness of depth

We are love. 


Fri vers (Fri form) av Songbird VIP
Läst 61 gånger och applåderad av 5 personer
Publicerad 2022-12-04 03:15

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Songbird VIP