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The bliss that is

"Clarity and joy do not actually come and go. Eroneous conceptions based on an assumed separate self arise in thought and the attention goes to the thoughts. Because of this interest or belief in thoughts, we overlook the present and clear nature within us. -John wheeler

 "This silent presence is not a mere abscence of thoughts. It is alive. It is life itself." -Francis Lucille


Being the aware present stillness among the waves

you are clearly free and untouched like the sky

 Thoughts and feelings simply rise and fall

timeless awareness knows them all

 This pure rocklike knowing


neither coming nor going

In the deep understanding of this

blooms the boundless bliss

A flow of  natural ease

so full of peace


as it


Fri vers av Nils Teodor VIP
Läst 54 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2023-06-06 13:09

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the flavor of this piece, puts my mind at ease. nether coming nor going. What makes the canvas of reality possible, keeps on showing.
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Nils Teodor
Nils Teodor VIP