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Farewell to New England

a flash of her smile
and the dance of her thighs
I whirl around and
what a surprise
she has the face of an angel
according to her exotic eyes

Some guys dream about
a rocket ship to the moon
while I dream about a
night pass to your room

I know that's where my stars
do glitter fair
and where my world is beautiful beyond compare

You're the bright star of my galaxy
with your fiery allure
how long can I go without
your cosmic touch
how long can I endure

Your fingerprints are on my soul
there's a song to your face
a longing embrace

Your lipstick lingers discreetly
on my shoulder from lips
that smoulder

The soul of the heart unfolds
putting the apple before the cart
maybe isn't so smart
I am told

But I have a crush on you
I turn to mush just thinking about you
Let's strip away the illusion
as we get ready for this fusion
of jazz and passion
rock and fashion

so long to Boston
farewell to New England

the apache kid

Fri vers av the apache kid VIP
Läst 40 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2023-09-22 22:58

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the apache kid
the apache kid VIP