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A free bird belongs to no cage

From Jane Eyre, I learned
To let go of my childhood rage
That I was a free bird
I belonged to no cage

From Elizabeth Bennet, I learned
To let go of my pride
To see the prejudice in me
And to it no longer abide

From Phillip Pirrip I learned
To let go of idealism
To open my mind and
And focus on humanism

From Heathcliff, I learned
that I too, can be a misanthrope
despite the desire to belong
in silence, is how I better cope

From Catherine Linton, I learned
It is better to calm one’s passion
And being free-spirited means not
To never think before taking action

I am a piece of every book I have read
I am and will always be a double nature
a woman living in her inner world
full of depth, full of adventure.

Övriga genrer av Sandra De Freitas VIP
Läst 58 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2023-12-01 21:36

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Bra om litteraturens inspiration.

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Superb, richly textured paragraphs.
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Sandra De Freitas
Sandra De Freitas VIP