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Kindly asking for one more


Give me incest more
One more life, getting old but want to continue my journey
Give one more
One more journey I would want to live

I know, All my days are numbered
Counted in abacus and heaven
When dark water wraps itself into golden glow of moon
Bring me string of memories
I don't know what to say

What if I'll need you during the next journey ?
Then we'll teleport, I'll call you all day and in evening
Can we keep veil of life ?

Give one more
One more life for me - And one for her !

The night, enormous and endless, will embrace me
I don't know who to ask
Can I rest in shelter of your hands just for this moment ?

Will we keep in touch ?
Will you get my message(s)?
Will we be together ?
Will we rememberour dreams ?

Please , Give one more !

(She might be right for me - and I Wish to be the one for her)

Fri vers av Fd stridspilot
Läst 42 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2024-02-21 23:36

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  La Magnólia VIP
Mycket vacker och poetisk med fint flyt. Det känns som det bara är musiken som fattas.
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Fd stridspilot
Fd stridspilot