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"art is the proper cause of life" - nietzsche

kreativitet är förmågan att göra misstag. konst är vad du behåller

konstnärer målar på kanvas.men musiker, de ritar på tystnad

noterna kan jag inte hantera bättre än någon annan musiker. men avståndet mellan noterna, ah! det är där musiken härstammar från.

Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi: "i read this and revisit a whole series of choices that have brought me this far by necessity; and which are probably changing too, but i wouldn't want to lose sight of my source"

"It is essential that you turn to the arts, for they reveal hidden facets of your being." Art offers you a unique way to explore your emotions and deep sensitivity. This intimate connection with art stimulates your intuition and enrich your inner life. Your aspirations are not confined to material accomplishments; they draw their essence into self-expression. Works of art, whether musical, pictorial, or literary, act as mirrors of your soul, reflecting your sincere desires and most authentic pursuits. Let yourself be guided by this artistic passion. She is the true engine of your personal growth. By connecting regularly to this source of inspiration, you will discover profound truths about yourself and the world. Art, far from being a mere distraction, becomes a path to self-knowledge, allowing you to make more intense and meaningful connections with those around you. It’s time to fully welcome this influence into your life, allow it to shape your daily life, and open you up to enriching new perspectives. "

i read this to my mom, she loved it. people ask her if she "pysslar" when she makes things, which means like doodling, like useless naive childish things. but art is the greatest of all! "art is the proper cause of life" - nietzsche

Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi: "I don't know if it's the proper cause, i believe the proper cause of life is in our reciprocal relationships, in their deepening, which is not easy at all; but i owe a part of my equilibrium to art"

well i try to show my art music poetry to people. for the music, they turn it off after 5 secs. for the rest, they just look at it weirdly. but they do appretiate it, just in a weird way. i told a guy "this is how i love" and showed a book with HDR panoramas of sunsets. he plowed it through quickly wanting to see nudes i guess. he didnt get it. he didnt get me. most are like that. when i dance with them they get impressed though <3 ive almost never danced, but i just use my intuition. one woman said "you read my mind!" when dancing, but i was controlling her mind. but youre right though, "the more i think, the more i feel there is nothing more artistic than loving people" - van gogh. but usually i find people boring, why i prefer making art. i did art at an office job too, at all the plentiful boring meetings... but yes, wish i had as many, at least some more, relationships like you. but bella was the best. they think i made her up. so shes immortalized...

well my mom loved my dad. they were together for over 40 years, then he died, 9 years ago. shes much freeer now. "no matter what you think, occupation is not victory" - immortal technique. she was a textile stand-in teacher actually, at schools. because she didnt want to be an alone artist at first, she wanted to inspire people, and she loves kids for their spontaneity. but now she loves making art by herself, she also goes to knit and sewing gatherings, and reads spoken word on open stage

well, i have 2 kids, that i have never seen. when i make photoshops for 5 hours, i get real proud afterwards. then i publish it online all over, and almost no one cares. i used to delete then before. to be proud of your kids would be something, but ill never get to experience that. anyway. tracey ive known since 2005, and shes the first person ive been proud of. i give her tips on how to life her life, sometimes harshly. i said that she didnt care about her daughter - just sex. now shes monogamous and talks lots of her daughter. so she (effie) is like a grandchild to me

well i dunno about you. but i know the highest vibration is love, but also inspiration and fandom. one woman in particular was like a muse to me - she was so incredibly talented i wanted to write just as good as her. we "communicated" mostly in poetry.

"we do not have art, everything we do is art" - aphorism from bali

bella believed in wellness, even if i dont. the most important thing there is "self-love", all other things get fixed if you just learn to love everything about yourself. otherwise relationships (like... the one with her) is an ever struggle, then they just break up with you...

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Läst 47 gånger
Publicerad 2024-02-24 15:27

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Tomas Sofia Johansson-Jonsson
Tomas Sofia Johansson-Jonsson VIP