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I would like to write a song,
a song that acually means something
I would sing about all these feeling I have.
I would sing about everything.
Even those things that I cant write here.
Is that alright?
But I know
It's the wrong time.
I'm always in the wrong time.
But I would like
to write a song,
for everybody,
In stead of screaming out words,
I would write them down.
But I would never sing,
And on my deathbed
everyone would read what I really felt.

What did I really said that made everything wrong?
I have hated myself for every day sence that day.
It's something that I'm starting to accept.
I hate myself.
Now it's your turn,
Hate me

Övriga genrer av Dumb
Läst 142 gånger
Publicerad 2010-02-10 20:50

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