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Watching those people passing me by
No one cares about me
The are conviced in there own lie
No one wants to be here to see
As the snow turns my skin pale
As the ashes of my tears
I feel like Im on sale
No one wants me no one cares

Unlike you...
I have to breathe one more time
Unlike you...
I have to scream out not mime
Unlike you...
I cant stop the red
Unlike you...
I will have to face that I might be dead

The distance between ous is small
But we pretend that there is something there
You cant just rise and show them all
No one wants me no one cares
I live in my space
No one need to save me after all
I have lost all my grace
Soon like the snow I will fall

Unlike me...
You will live
Unlike me...
You will recive
Unlike me..
You will not be in pain
Unlike you...
I will never escape from this chains

Life is killing ous all
You just have to find that place
Life will make you drop the ball
Lost in time and space
Make yourself belive in you
Breathe as you will never
No one needs to know the truth
I will hunt my body for ever

Unlike you all...
I cant live anymore
Unlike me...
You can breathe for sure
Unlike you all...
I feel the snow killing me
Unlike me...
You dont have to die you see?

Fri vers av December Vampire
Läst 295 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2011-06-07 18:51

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December Vampire
December Vampire