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Shackled in Memory Lane

I glance the mirror - To see what's there
I see some clothes and - No more, just air
It's like I left all - I ever was
In the ashes - In my loss

And there you'll find me - Some parts are claimed
They're in the fires - They're bathed in flame
I cannot touch them - Too far away
A mirror shows them - Night bright as day

This I left behind - This I fled in vain
Buried, dead and blind - Shackled in memory lane

I scarcely know me - From reflections shown
It's such an old "me" - He cannot grow
He only stumbles - Covered in death
He should be gone now - He's out of breath

He seemed to search for - Someone who's gone
His body ached then - He saw no dawn
Where did he walk to - Who held his hand?
Was I that person - Leaving that land?

I walked with regret - I traversed the plains
Parts are still there yet - Shackled in memory lane

I lay myself down - Upon my bed
Weary and tired - From tears I shed
And in the mirror - I see your face
Smiling and laughing - With warmth and grace

Far past the room now - Where I sleep
I hear your voice call - Resounding deep
It gives me comfort - And guides my way
Back in your arms now - Can I stay?

In dreams I return - And there is no more pain
Nothing more that burns - No shackles in memory lane

Fri vers av Andreas Rylander
Läst 214 gånger
Publicerad 2011-09-05 15:15

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Andreas Rylander