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We are running life for future. And then we are living in memory of the past. But never in present time.

From the future to the past

When we are young and every day is new
we're living for the future
which still is yet to come

When we are young the problems still are few
but mostly we just run
away... away... and days are gone

With every year... (aging very slow)
we're living in the future
we're living day by day...

We're playing plays, we run amazing show
we run away from who we are
and no one dare to stay.

And then, one day, we'll cross the secret point
of never turning back
and we will cross it fast...

What was the life? The button or the coin?
The check? The checkerboard...
It doesn't matter! Everything in past.

We were living longer for the future
and now at the end of road
we realized that future is gone!

Unfinished conversation, broken picture,
the memory abroad
and we are just so done...
We're just so done!


Fri vers av Julianna Strandberg VIP
Läst 244 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2012-03-21 12:57

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Julianna Strandberg
Julianna Strandberg VIP