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The glass of wine

The glass of wine. Or maybe two.
Its friday night. You can go true.
"In vino veritas" - you think,
and loosing all to tiny silly thing.

You're falling into foggy dim:
but feeling newed and redeemed.
It's just an illusion of your set,
That at the dawn forfills regret.

The friday night. Your heavy heart
is craving endless "fall apart".
Forget a while concern and pain,
and keep on walking endless lane.

The glass of wine. Just hide yourself
In broken boxes, empty shelves,
In closet, in the glass, in a bottle of wine.
And never get a chance to clear your mind.

You're going sober and staying true
or you will never make it through.


Bunden vers (Sonett) av Julianna Strandberg VIP
Läst 81 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2023-05-06 19:58

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Julianna Strandberg
Julianna Strandberg VIP