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Broken Man Remedy

Please tell me
what is it you see in me
that hightens your obsession
to this degree

Is my voice a soothing balm
my thoughts a path to calm

Is my protection
your connection
to your soul

Do you stand and fall with me
am I your Broken Man Remedy
Tell me what you see
so I may use it to break free

Do you think I can fix
your fickle mind
Or do you think I can put up with it
most of the time

Tell me, can you be honest with me

Do you think I can help
set you free
Tell me,
am I your Broken Man Remedy

Övriga genrer (Visa/Sångtext) av Elisabeth B VIP
Läst 129 gånger och applåderad av 4 personer
Publicerad 2015-01-19 07:15

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Elisabeth B
Elisabeth B VIP