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Nu har jag spelat in den. Till min dotter som just fyllt 25.

Born out of snow (song)

Born out of snow

In the year 1990
When the wall had been torn
In the year 1990
A baby girl born
And her future was bright
As bright as her eyes
Of tomorrow they glisten
From the sun that had risen
it just had to be right
Whatever she tries

So beautiful
It was suitable
That the last snow of season
Had been falling that night
The snow whitening
And the brightening
Everyone there agrees on
That the morning was light

In the year 1990
Was the future on stage
In the year 1990
An unwritten page
And we couldnt predict
And I am glad we did not
Just that moment be staying
With the girl that was laying
Since then the clock ticked
But I never forgot


In the year 1990
In beginning of spring
In the year 1990
I could here a voice sing
And a song full of hope
And I dared to believe
In this moment remaining
The hope I regaining
I cling on to the rope
Of the life i've achieved


Bunden vers (Rim) av Knickedick VIP
Läst 213 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2015-03-12 09:16

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