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Travel blog - key to three realities


There's three different places I will present for you, and how we travel there, or just ends up there. The first is Blessed, the second Ignorance, and the third places we're going to visit is Infernal.

The trip to Blessed is paid in patience, not money, so it's a little bit difficult to get there. You need a lot of light because the road is perilious, it's parallel to the other, and have a lot of tempting sideways. You need to walk alone. Some parts you may travel in small groups, and there's always mentors out there to guide you. But be critical and watch out so the mentor not working for the other destination I mentioned earlier. You need to let go of different parts of your luggage, for example hate, revenge, envy, jealousy, prestige and the love of possessions. You can never carry these things to the land of Blessed. Fill your body, soul and heart with forgiveness instead. It's like a balloon of love which lift you up and take you in the arms of Blessed. The language is universal, it's the heart who speaks in the sender and receiver, so it's okay to dress in English. You never need to be afraid of misunderstandings when you have reached Blessed, and the forms of the discussions are always ideas.

On the first day at Blessed you will see how everything is connected, we are one, like a chain of pure love. If you harm another being, you'll hurt your own center. Don't be afraid if the first thing that happens is that you travel at the speed of light and you see all the colurs of life and it's aura, and you recognize that a butterfly wings on one side of earth affect life on the other side. It's just a normal experience for them who visit this place.

On the second day you feel weightless. You realize that the three dimensions we have adopted are like a prison, they are there to make us feel safe in a false sense. They are parts of the structure in the other worlds we are about to visit later on. Further that music and sonority is a source of power and great healing. Tones of sound makes patterns in the sand that affects every cell, but knowledge about this is neglected, almost banned. Resonance is God, the hand of the creation, you'll almost move mountains with the bass line of vibration.

On the third day you will meet all the mythological archetypes as they present the value of knowledge about symbols, they are pieces in a puzzle to understand the past and the future. You will also comprehend that giving is a greater pleasure than receiving. This last night you will sleep on wings of silver and they'll take you home - where you've never been before.

Ignorance is the middle way, it's crowded. More than half of the earth population live there, but they aren't aware about it. You just lie back in a couch for example in front of a tv and the fear will fill you up and ground you on this place. You have a lot of friends to discuss events with and they help you stay here with correctness and guidelines of the masses. The life here is very dependent of locked magnitudes and normality. It's very important to follow this, else you will end up like an outsider, alone and very unhappy and the other look at you as a lost soul. This land is filled with confusion of languages, and it ain't any help for you if you only speaks English, because you need to know how to read between the lines. It's called chit-chat.
If you're not capable of handle it they may call you an autistic personality.

On the first day you will forget the truth, they tell you there isn't any universal truth, instead there is a personal and it's looked upon as very irrelevant. Only the outsiders talks about the truth. Next you learn to survive at the surface in a oxygen depleted atmosphere, and everyone around you talk about money, God and work.

On the second day you realize you must be a part of a group, there's no one who will come for your help in any way if you stand alone, and this kind of team must have money in some way to back up themselves. The art of power, public relations (PR), political and religious isms, right and left, everything depends on that.

On the third day you realize you're stuck here, and it's so hard to leave, and you feel so afraid, small and insignificant, so the best thing to do is to stay and adapt to an divided and fragmented point of view and learn to live with the feeling of the same.

Infernal is a very dark and evil place, still attracts many to come and settle here, even in young ages. The ego are the black blood that pumps life around in this place with a mechanical heart of steel filled to the brim with greed. The scenery is advertising, filled with temptations about the happiness of belongings and possessions.
The languages is manipulated and built upon contradiction, like the Orwellian newspeak where hate is spelled love. The discussions here are mostly people, like celebrities, and who's doing what. No one is satisfied, life is very restless, it's a chase after power, titles and hierarchy. Everyone need someone beneath them to crush and stomp on like a cockroach and squeeze the spirit for pure pleasure and joy.
The sadistic point of view is omnipotent and rule this world.

The first day in Infernal you must learn how to tell lies in a credible way, and tell tales about your greatness, in which you of course reduce the second. A really good way is to make others uncertain, get them to doubt their abilities, their own value and their mental orientation. You can for instance call them conspiracy theorist if they disturb you in any way, or put a label from DSM, write a diagnose on the noses.

The second day you'll need to buy stuff to fill the black hole inside you that's eating you alive. If you don't have the money, please borrow, just ask for a credit card and the bank manager will serve you like a king until you are hooked. You must indulge shopping, it's necessary for your image and it has to be your main hobby after work. Don't waste your time with old books or relations besides the ones you can benefit from, and don't waste the time on doing things that others can do for you instead.

The third day in Infernal you take care of the shell you live in, it has to look good because there is nothing else. Fill some parts with botox, fix another with surgery, there's endless ways for makeover with tattoo, synthetic and fake. You're not really good at all as mother of nature made you, so don't even try to fit in without this procedure. Next stop is the gym, the muscles from everyday life and its chores isn't enough, they aren't on the right spot, they don't look exactly like they should, so even if you faint on the way between work and the gym, you have to put yourselves together and make this happen. It costs to stay on top. Remember not to eat, only slim people live "the joyful life".

Everyone's life around here is built on finish and facade, like a ghost town in the wild west, only show off, empty and without souls. Take the highway to hell home when they ask you to... because they frequently do.

Övriga genrer (Kåseri) av KattenKin VIP
Läst 534 gånger och applåderad av 18 personer
Publicerad 2015-05-02 00:34

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  Lena Renman
Så vitt jag kunde läsa ut, då min ork med engelska numera är mycket ringa, så är det väl ordat och ja den där tredje världen, huvva det är ju där vi är eller hur?

  Magdalena Eriksson VIP
Mycket för en min halvtaskiga engelska medeltöntig är den.
Likväl vågar jag uttala mig om texten du skrivit som mycket intressant.
Kraftfullt. Fantasifullt med fötterna kvar i en ärlig vilja att kommunicera kring viktiga frågor som berör..alla och allt.
Var finns de riktiga människorna?

Tvivelaktigt underbar resa. Jag tror mig ana att de flesta i vår värld befinner sig i "Infernal", vilket man kan se exempel på i kommentarsfältet. Och det är lite sorgligt.

Själv är jag lite rädd att jag har hamnat på den "gyllene" medelvägen till Ignorance, som inte alls ter sig särskilt gyllene. Det är tur att jag har dina texter att "vattna" min hjärna med när det har blivit för mycket tv-tittande, och jag suger upp en spirande känsla från Blessed.

Men hur som helst, du har bjudit mig på en intellektuellt och språkligt mycket stimulerande odyssé till några av mänsklighetens mentala boningar!

  Sommarina VIP
Läser. läser mycket att tänka på. Du är god skrivare du.

  Jeflea Norma, Diana. VIP
jo, katten det var bra tänkt gå vidare på tema, fortsättning med ämne som gammbling och interkalera de ämne om: "självberöm inte luktar gott", som ofta turisterna möter men inte vet att på resa allting är till försjällning under udda omständigheter.
jag riktig tyckte om din text som tänker på att det ska bli en stor succes inte bara en stackas uppsats som somliga redan önskar bli kvävd med kommenter fyllda med avundsjuka. Kram;

För aldrig dialoger med förstelnade intellekt förutom att varna dig för att använda mitt namn i dina kommentarer.

  Lars Hedlin VIP
JA livet består av olika stadier av tankar och funderingar som till slut leder till olika handlingar...

  Nanna X VIP
Sten Wiking, det här är mitt sista inlägg i saken, jag tycker KattenKins text är värd en debatt om sina egna kvalitéer och inte om kommentarerna. vill bara påpeka att pronominet hen inte har ett dugg med vare sig biologiskt kön eller sexualitet att göra, det är bara en grammatisk lösning på problemet att skriva hon/han och liknande uttryck när man inte vet könet. fast det tror jag du vet. vill du debattera saken närmare var vänlig skicka ett meddelande till mig personligen.

  Jeflea Norma, Diana. VIP
Blogginlägg(Post) och facklitteratur artiklar, var påtagligt olika. (Jag lärde mig att blogg får kommentera men inte artiklar)Prismässig talad, och träna engelska språket är mycket viktig.
Jag rekomanderar http://www.makealivingwriting.com/writing-an-article-vs-writing-blog-post-differences/

Själv, jag ska ändra också på stilen och gå vidare, men nu var lite si och så för att det hade blivit krångell om jag inte hade stannad som stödmedlem. Men så klart det är engelska som räknas för framtid och vill inte blanda mig i ländernas politik och friversas om det mer!
Ha en bra dag. /här blåser och snart börjar regna och det är mycket kalt men vacker med ung blad grönska och buskar och trädblommor. Kram/Diana.


Den sionistiska bibelns nya ordlista mao,full av bögar,transor,pedofiler å annat perverteraT

  Nanna X VIP
till Sten Wiking: "Ordet hen togs med i den fjortonde upplagan av Svenska Akademiens ordlista, vilken utgavs i april 2015."

citat från Wikipedia:



Det var en kommentar som använde det olagliga oidentifierade ordet" hen" här vilket måste vara nån missuppfattning eftersom denna text inte handlar om en transvestit vilket "hen" lär stå för som obestämmbart kön,benämn könet efter det naturen bestämt och försök inte pervertera svenska språket.

    Elisabeth Nilsson VIP
Intressant samhällskritisk text med spännande upplägg. Skriven på mycket bra engelska! En stor applåd till dig!

  i af apa VIP
well done! som Nanna X sa...

mycket fundera över...

  Nanna X VIP
well done, amazing English! gillar guidens objektivt informerande stil. hen får allting att kännas normalt just på det stället - ta seden dit du kommer! själv gillar jag nog Blessed mest, därför gav det mig en tankeställare att du presenterade den världen först och Infernal sist... hade du gjort tvärtom hade reseupplevelsen blivit annorlunda.

    ej medlem längre
Mycket intressant beskrivning på olika vägar i livet. Som det säkert ser ut för många människor.
En text att tänka igenom och fundera över.


  Jeflea Norma, Diana. VIP
The secret place is not advertising. I love travel escape stories. There is three important topics to, I have to guess : Blessed, Ignorance, Infernal. not wrote about of gambling, it sounds great right must be that blessing place Saudi Arabian because in muslims country you will hear the “Further that music and sonority is a source of power and great healing. Tones of sounds make patterns in the sand affects every cell, but knowledge about this is neglected, almost banned. Resonance is God, the hand of the creation; you'll almost move mountains with the bass line vibration. (Or that must be cathedral in Venice)

if this is some kind of visdom of your lifeline I dont know`n but it is real stuff, I mean to lean a deep thought on.

    ej medlem längre
Jag är verkligen en blessed person...
tyvärr kom jag inte längre än så..
men det finns nya dagar..du skriver hur som helst som en riktig reporter!!

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