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You can not google your inner path and even if we could, She wouldn't read that map

Because She
was a rather clumpsy little girl
she tripped and slipped
everytime she danced in a swirl

when was she gonna grow up
become a real woman
and stop messing everything up

Maybe one day, she said
but not today
I am going to see the world
New Orleans, Berlin, Kingston and Bombay
-So please step aside, you're in my way!

She knew all the holy secrets of loneliness
after making friends with her enemies
she now please herself with the taste of sweet bitterness

Such a braveheart, people always said
but she was a rather clumpsy little girl
because she tripped and slipped
everytime she danced in a swirl

Yes, it became a fact
her reality
was always a bit abstract

When would she realize that her limits was bound
Because we are humans not butterflies

People tried to reach her saying:
Come back down to the ground!

But this girl was clever enough
to see through their disguise

So... She took off
left what was already "lost and found"
and went further into space
while she listend to the sound
of her life's soundtrack.

They saw her aim for the moon and
I don't think she's ever turning back


Fri vers av Silverbjer
Läst 1238 gånger och applåderad av 28 personer
Publicerad 2011-01-23 13:54

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  Hon kallar sig poet VIP
Så bra!

Riktigt jäklar så bra
Som en gyllene varm sandstrand

  KattenKin VIP
I love it; din bästa hittills! ..och så mycket du! Jag hoppas att du aldrig återvänder till oss andra nere på ground zero, utan att dina vingar bär där i yttre atmosfär! KEEP ON DREAMING about the truth my baby blue!

  Larz Gustafsson VIP
Superb title and how true!
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