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Isabell <3

My Sunshine My World

since the day that i met you i was feeling blessed!
you braught me the joy and smile that i make!
some may even say, i am kind of obsessed!
cause when i see you it gets hard to behave!

i know we had our ups and d0wns!
but in the future it will only make us stronger!
when i hear you'r laughter, it's like the perfect tone!
it makes the gap between each heartbeat much longer!

We are not always on the same page!
But all we really need is each other!
My heart is open for you to take!
Cause i know in the end, you will never let it break

we both has had tears pouring down from our eyes!
we both have felt when the time stops!
but i can tell you honestly, i want you here with me trough life!
cause for you i would run over the sharpest rocks!

This is just the start of something amazing!
The start of something beautiful!

The Start Of Our Life As One!

Fri vers av TonySoderlund1
Läst 260 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2016-11-27 12:52

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