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A text reflecting on two space-misssions.


One of the objectives of NASA:s Perseverance-mission
to Mars is to search for biosignatures, signs of water
and life from earlier periods of the planets history.

That gave me associations to NASA:s and the
German Reearch Centre for Geoscience´s GRACE-
project: to weigh the Earth`s water by using two
satellites in space as a balance; the project started
in 2002 and is still continuing.

The GRACE-project is addressed in "H2O-Kampen
om vattnet", ( SVT/PLAY, Vetenskapens värld,
21-01-24), the third part of an excellent documentary
of the essential role of water for life on our planet.
The other two parts are "H2O-Nyckeln till allt liv",
(21-01-10) and "H2O-Nyckeln till civilisationen",
I have published a text about the GRACE-project here on Poeter.se, "Grace too, times two" (18-05-16).
Please, feel welcome to read it

The main benefit of exploring space, as many people
see it, and I agree with that, is the great enhancement
of kowledge about our own planet that it brings;
knowledge inherent with an enormous potenial in
handeling the Climate-crisis, improve water-
management, agriculture etc.
I´m looking forward to see what scientific results
the Persverance-mission might arrive at.

"The imagination of it, to weigh The Earth,
to weigh its life-giving water, what a
beautiful thought. Grace, they couldn't
have given it a better name."
(The cite is from my text, "Grace too,
times two".)

Övriga genrer av Olof Lagerhorn VIP
Läst 23 gånger och applåderad av 4 personer
Publicerad 2021-02-21 14:29

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Olof Lagerhorn
Olof Lagerhorn VIP