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This text is meant as a lightharted play in one act. The text within parentheses shows what that person thinks

Would you like to dance? A one act play

The Man: may I have this dance, please?
The Woman: yes, how nice of you to ask!

M: I had to, your dress is so beautiful;
it caught my attention.
(W: ...the eyes that clings inclines me to
presume, your attention is, beyond manners,
polished to intrude...)
W: thank you, I bought it for the occasion;
thought it might get me on the floor:)

M: (...an occasion to seduce, to breach my
fortress, propose, then, lure me, into a
lifelong truce...)
M: so it did, but, truly, your pure appearence
appealed me with its grace; your dress just
adds an extra touch!
W: (...the act, the nature of your art, how clever
the design, to refine, a rude and foulsome ruse...)

W: ahh, your words almost make me blush;
they do make me blush:) Please, sense my
gratitude; as a matter of fact, you are quite
handsome yourself.
M: (...a pose, a venom, filtered to deceive,
tact and tone, devised, to sneak a mean and
gruesome curse...)
M: you are too kind; it might be the music,
don´t you think, that so enhance your lense,
to become, a mirror of your very own and
charming sense:)
W (...to lease my soul as suite, a place that
soothes and suits your pace, yes, alack,
to attract my pure and precious purse!...)

W: thank you, quite enjoyable to dance
with you, to say the least! Now, would you
care for a drink?
M: (...lead me to the bar, to fill me up,
figure out, how to pluck me of my golden key,
the one, that unlocks the gentle poundings
of my hart!...)
M: yes, why not, what an excellent idea!

Övriga genrer (Drama/Dialog) av Olof Lagerhorn VIP
Läst 43 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2024-03-27 11:37

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  Marita Ohlquist VIP
En intressant konversation på dansgolvet, undrar vad som hände efter drinkarna.
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Olof Lagerhorn
Olof Lagerhorn VIP