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or - whatever&whenever
oblivion strucks
the scent of a distant memory
hidden deep through
the densely grown woods
of dreams -
will become
electric lovers
hidden away
in my stomach
blowing bubbles
who turn out to be
butterflies of
flowerlike paintings
the reaches
draws your face
and I’m there dancing
on an island
on turquoise seas -
dew sweating
out of my brush
kissing, the dawn
like an impossible
coating of
exotic paint
on the forehead
of the prophet
projecting an image
from deep-sleep
over an escaping
falling, through
the space inside
of an
abstract painter
hypnotized by
you ? ? ?
the pendelum
making the blood inside,
mirror the empty space
inside of you
outside of me
is lost in forgetfull
unions in trembling laughter -
like a breathing piece of clothing hit by drunk sunlight
the giant walks behind it
with the earth bowing up his back resting to the rhythm of something unknown
and-they-do-see !
the summer
morning holding
everything together
is a memory
of walking
a meadow
inside of the beloved
like crazy shamans
dancing, with
uniquely crafted
E-cigarettes with E-juice
tasting sicker than
infinitely expensive
cuban cigarrs
an impossible mission
will they ever see?? ?
the last artwork
be petrified or at the same
time like,
- a guitar solo
fixated in a perfect pattern
of a spider’s web of the
coldest, space crying -
I see your name in the bottom
of a well in a dream
impossibly drowining me
like an oblivious
feline in another girl’s
I understand this music, more
than life itself

Fri vers (Fri form) av Knark VIP
Läst 31 gånger
Publicerad 2023-02-04 19:09

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Knark VIP