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Will You, B?

Will You trust me ...?

I love You! 

There, I said it, ripped open my chest 

and handed You my heart 

Will You take it? 

Will You cherish it, guard it, keep it close to Yours?

Will You trust it, never doubt it, lovingly embrace it?

Will You trust Me? 

My words, spoken out of honesty 

Will You trust what You see in my eyes 

as I bleed, on my knees, right infront of You? 

Will You trust that I will always be here for You 

never judgeing, always caring, loving without conditions 

You are everything to me ... 

You meight not see

the dept of the love I have for You 

You meight not believe, that anyone could love You

You meight choose, to turn a blind eye 

choose not trust, not to care, shield yourself from me 

But I am right here!

For better or for worse, by Your side,

never doubting, never, ever letting go 

Will You take the hand I'm reaching out? 

Will You trust the bond between us? 

Or will You turn away, out of fear,


leaving me on cold, frost bitten ground,

with daggers through my heart? 

I choose to believe in You ...

I love You! 

There, I said it again, exposing my soul 

opening it up, only to You 

For in Your eyes I see what You refuse 

The gentle soul, so wounded, so misunderstood 

The warmth, the love, the searing pain 

a vulnarbility so loveable, so beautiful it hurts

You are so close to bleeding out, dying without ever knowing 

That You are so worth going for

so worth loving, so worth all that I wish I could give 

If life would only let me, if You would only let me 

I would stand by Your side

always, for eternity


For You are everything to me ... 

Fri vers av Mystica
Läst 70 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2023-02-24 12:44

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