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To you B, the Sigma in my heart ...

The True King ...

I want to rule my Kingdom
with You by my side
High up in the mountains
where peace and quiet resides
Where no one can touch us
but the ones we invite ...

I want a true King by my side
Someone to look too for strength
A Male too cool my fiery soul
To keep my feral nature calm
I want You by my side
for You are the balance keeping me at bay ...

I am the feral Queen, or so I am seen
The Alpha needing no one
The strong, fierce, self-sufficient warrior
covered in battle scars, healing without care
Ever standing alone
Needing no one, as no one was ever there ...

Life taught me: Trust no one!
Rule alone or be betrayed, deceived, overthrown
"Needing another is a weakness" echoed through my lonely halls
Made me hard as steel, cold as ice
Then the true King proved me wrong

Needing You makes me stronger
Wanting You is a choice that makes me invincible
You, my King, are the only one I want ruling by my side
Or I shall keep ruling desolate ...

Fri vers av Mystica
Läst 114 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2023-05-17 23:42

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