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fron Songs for Nordic nights

Magical moments

Thoose magical moments

Keep getting fewer and fewer

When I think about you

Skin to skin in a wild game

Tumbling around in a bed

We can get together

For a lunch some time

Or just a hard quicky

Life seems so difficult

Theese days without you

In loneliness I more often

Then before in the past

Dream that you want to

To get together in a wild game

Passionated in a magical moment

But you are so far away

And I can’t reach you

Fast enough and the moment

flows out into the sand


Taleptox Skrev

Den 20230517


Övriga genrer (Visa/Sångtext) av Taleptox VIP
Läst 146 gånger
Publicerad 2023-05-17 06:02

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Taleptox VIP