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Coming out of the junkie closet and...

Coming out of the junkie closet and...
The mental health closet
My poem got cut off right where it showed gårdagens poemer
Är det paranoia som stämmer
Hasch psychosis doesn't exist in America
And 50% of American gymnasie elever röker marijuana
That would be a lot of hasch psychosis
Great music, mostly where the druggy is
Don't get it wrong
Drug-free and drug-liberal
Marijuana my drug of choice
How many Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Dylan didn't use that
And a junkie I am by no means
Recreational use of soft drugs
Shitty poem down-doped on anti-psykotiska because of samhället, and no, I don't have a hasch psychosis
William Shakespeare smoked marijuana and cocaine
and oooh I got some brain cells allright

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Publicerad 2023-06-26 10:16

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