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23 juli 2023

All seekers are lost, and God is beyond good

The I that is seeking will never find, it will only cease to exist, and be reminded of what was never lost. The repulsive force of nature, let us call it Satan, has us on an impossible quest of finding God.

The seeker that he invents isn’t truly us, and the good we seek was never lost. The mind of Satan that we embody when we fall and enter into Thought is never still enough to be in the presence of God. It is always on its foolish adventure alongside Satan.

God is already here, Satan wants us to forget that knowing. Yet, Satan isn’t ultimately evil, he is merely doing the job that God saw that he was perfect for. Don’t get me wrong, Satan is evil. Evil is Satan. But ultimately there is no such thing.

Without God’s use of Satan this world would not be, and this whole act and scene would implode back into its origin, without ever existing. The separate I and our experience of God and Satan, and our remembering of that which was never lost, would not be.

This whole play of life as we know it could not exist without the opposite forces that we conceive of in this state of being. The opposites don’t exist, because even the evils of this world, in one way or another, serve God on the deepest of levels. That which serves God is good. We have made up evil, because that is our fallen interpretation of what is, in reality, good. And when all is good and without evil the concepts begin to defract and retract into the origin of it all. In this origin we are no more, yet I am.

From the top of the summit this is made clear. Everything is one. The ego cannot grasp this. Its nature is of disunity. When we are aligned with disunity we see through life from the perspective of disunity, it is our perceived nature, our fallen self.

It is OK to see life in terms of good and evil, and it is accurate from a certain perspective. But God is beyond good, and the evils of this world is our perception of what from another, higher, point of view is for the greater good. This point will be misconstrued by the ego, which cannot grasp the subtler point of good beyond all evil, and good beyond all good and evil.

We have ventured into this world forgetting that the top of the highest mountain connects all there is. The top of the mountain is God, and Satan wishes to climb its summit. But to reach the top beyond the world he must cease to be that which never truly was, except for in the thought and the reality that was perceived from a separate imaginary being. When we awaken from the dream of our imaginary self, we are the summit, and the I that attempted to climb towards the peak is dead, or reborn.

We try to ascend this world, to escape the I that has trapped us into its identity. But that is in itself the trap. Heaven is all around us, even on earth, even in hell. It is all a thought, and beyond the thought God is, untouched by all the thinking and conceptualising.

Hell is surrounded by Heaven in all directions. Any demon wishing to repent is welcomed with everyone’s embrace and songs of salutation in heaven. In fact, they are all timelessly waiting and longing for their lost brethren to venture home.

We may give God any name or attribute, but he remains the same despite our different paintings of and theories concerning his nature. We may cloak him in any clothing we wish, but God is never truly concealed. What we touch and create with the brush stroke is only our idea of God. God is beyond that idea. He is beyond that frame hanging on the wall of the mind.

When we identify with the I that is trying to find God, we’re separating ourselves from God. We embody another entity, that of Satan, through belief in the instrument of Thought. How amusing that our attempt to find God in the world of thought is the very act that repels us away from God. We split God into billions of pieces and try to resurrect him and his one true peace in our limited mind. How can something limited house the vastness of God’s unlimited being? It cannot.

When we are not seeking, we are already found. The one that lost and forgot God isn’t who we are. That is a thought which we have identified with. There is no I that can find God. That is quite a funny idea. What I would that be? What I can find God and not be annihilated in the process? There is no finding God, he is already here.

We hold the key to our home in our hand, yet we are lost in thought, seeking, trying to find it. The key is in our hand, it is at hand, just as the kingdom of God is. We are just lost in thought, seeking that which was always here.

The arrogant self thinks it can find God on its own. Yet, it is the very thing that stands in its own way. The ego has separated itself from God, and now tries to find him in a world where he has tried to eradicate God from existence. Then, in this dream material world, Satan invents a new god, giving him false attributes and laughs at his ineptitude.

Satan doesn’t know God, he invents and spreads his own version, and tries to wrestle this nerfed and famined god onto the ground in front of all Earth-dwellers. Some are convinced by this wrestling performance with a strawman and walk away adding the identity of ”atheist” as a new feather on their ego hat. They walk away in full plume parroting the gospel of Satan. Some are disgusted by this wrestling performance and slither away, muttering, cursing and thumping bible verses while hissing and professing themselves to be holy, priestly beings.

It is all according to God’s plan, and Satan is playing his role without knowing. Just as Jesus knew the role of Judas. Judas had an important role to play, which served the greater good, which served God. Now, we may still call the acts of Judas evil, and they are, from a certain perspective. From God’s perspective, all is well. In fact, it is beyond well.

This life is akin to a testing ground where each painful and suffering event teaches us about our deeper nature. Who is it that suffers? We begin asking ourself questions and venture deeper into the journey that leads us to realising that the self is just a construct by someone that doesn’t really exist. It is a thought. A concept. In hindsight, did you not learn something very valuable from each encounter with evil?

I cannot claim to know why this world exist, some claim it’s for the experience of it, to spread love in all different kinds of ways, for the joy of self-realisation and self-expansion, to overcome the prison other entities captured us in. I don’t know the answer. But it is an interesting adventure and it is clear that there is a God beyond all perceived good and evil.

There may be gaps in this text, in fact I’m sure there are, but this is the limit of the clarity that comes through me at the present state of my being. Whence and if more dust is cleared off the mirror of me, perhaps more can be told, God willing.

Prosa av KPJ Sundquist
Läst 126 gånger
Publicerad 2023-07-23 16:53

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KPJ Sundquist