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15 mars 2024

The cure for struggling people

When someone is struggling it’s VERY common for people to give the advice of distracting oneself with something. This may feel like it’s helping momentarily, but it certainly isn’t.

We need to deal with the root cause, which is living life unconsciously. To be free we need to NOT be ruled by thought and emotion.

That which makes you suffer is a thought that you are unaware of, which results in the feeling of suffering in whatever form it may take (hatred, depression, sorrow, fear, anxiety, etc.). If you intercept said thought at the moment of its conception it cannot drag you down into said feelings.

Awareness is the guardian against suffering. Yet people’s advice is to send him to sleep by distracting themselves when what they need to do is overcome their weak state of being. Distracting yourself will only keep you in hell.

Do you want to be free or not? If so, don’t distract yourself from the suffering. Face it head on. Stand in its presence and it will cower in fear, because above all else it fears being seen.

Prosa av KPJ Sundquist VIP
Läst 34 gånger
Publicerad 2024-04-10 22:36

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KPJ Sundquist VIP