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In the Shadows of Beauty

I think the Devil is hiding behind your smile
Such a pretty doll, you smile, and I am crying
Moonlight shadows me, you have the Devil's eyes
Smile, cry, the Devil is deep inside
Heavy metal, I am dying, the Devil is laughing

Can't see clearly, your skin looks so soft in the light
My eyes turn red, I cry, smile, and laugh
The Devil is standing beside you, with red deep blue eyes
I switch, I turn off, dance, shit, I am high
You smile, your beauty, what a sight

My head is tearing, scratching, I fear the smile
Poison on my mind, poison in your eyes
What makes me bleed, the Devil laughs at me
Put my makeup on, tell the world I'm dead inside
But let her go, let my scream queen be

It's me, I am the one you want, just take me
Spare her life, I have one wish
Let me see her beautiful eyes one last time
Then take me to your paradise
Make me a slave in hell, but just let her live

My love, my heart, I think I will explode
The beauty in your smile, the Devil is behind
One last word, one sweet bitter kiss before death
Hear my wish, let the girl go, take me
I will be your slave in paradise, just let her live

And the Devil laughs, fine, sure, whatever
Be my bitch, suck my cock, I don't care
Laughter, his big red-blue eyes turn to me
He smiles, no teeth, you cry, oh sweetheart, don't cry
You will live a happy life, and I will be the Devil's wife
So hear me roar, hear me fear, tonight is my last night

Put on your smile and love your life
I will always remember my little doll
And her big bright brown eyes
Bitch, see you in hell
And the flames rise high

Fri vers (Fri form) av Spiken VIP
Läst 26 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2023-11-28 15:12

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Spiken VIP