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(Messhugah & Kvetch; no Kaddish)

Everyday in Jumbleorium, XXIII

My late ex wife's American family
in Baltimore
- except her good father -
appeared like grazing cows to me;
fat, unintelligent, slow, stuck

Dumb like a cow,
her obese brother, twice his own size
– a Jewish Jesus freak -
worked nuclear arms for Westinghouse

The ex wife was broken from the start
in that herd of cows,
having to tend to her younger brother
when he was ignored by their mother
- and then, when she was 24, she teamed up with me,
who suggested marriage
so I could stay on and work in the USA,
when I was, to begin with,
on the continent just to bike across,
from New York City to San Francisco,
at first not at all realizing
that I was breaking into a Jewish family...

The only decent family member,
the lawyer Daddy,
employed by a Washington pension fund,
stayed out of the herd
as much as he was able to,
swimming at the JCC (The Jewish Community Center)
as well as working nights and weekends
with people's taxes

His brother in Altoona, Pennsylvania
(who'd escaped Herr Schicklgruber's son
with him, just in the nick of time,
while their mother, being somewhat late,
was caught by the Gestapo
and murdered in Theresienstadt)
who found a good intelligent, creative wife,
developed a jolly, lighthearted character,
whereas the ex wife's father
- kind and considerate -
with his fat and lazy wife,
whom some called ”Icky Duck”
- a veritable cow that he didn't deserve, but got -
was moody and introverted all his life

His wife, my late ex wife's mother,
was a Messhuggah & a Kvetch,
combusted by a blindfolded Cosmos
which held its nose

Not ONE extenuating circumstance
is to be brought to her excuse,
and not one will

The Cosmos almost turned into
”a clean-cut kid who'd been to college too”
when the Messhuggah was finally disposed of

Congratulations to the Endless Worlds,
and no Kaddish will ever be said in that cow's remembrance!

Fri vers (Fri form) av Ingvar Loco Nordin VIP
Läst 10 gånger
Publicerad 2023-11-18 16:59

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Ingvar Loco Nordin
Ingvar Loco Nordin VIP