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A Quick look at Life


Scientists think
life came from the water
Officially the smallest
considered thing as life
is a single-celled organism

Does it have feelings?

Does it have a mind?

Does it have a soul?

Fish don’t have any feelings
And considered life

Evolutionists will probably
argue that the first feelings were
the fight or flight response

How and why did the brain come about
And is this synonymous with mind?
Again is everything survival of the fittest
The development of the brain so that particular species can pro-create

Something smells fishy here like there is a grand master plan
So brain and mind, mind we can associate with thoughts
Cats and dogs surely think
Can cats and dogs ponder philosophical concepts?
Usually they are happy snuggled somewhere
My guess is no

And soul
Lisa Simpson on the animated series The Simpsons made me think it correctly
you have to earn a soul
Humans aren’t born with a soul

And I certainly don’t want to bash creationism or any other variant
I can guess that more than half of us have thought about ‘’what constitutes life?’’
The scientists nail it that it requires a single-cell

And the heart, the wonderful and atrocious heart, as in love feelings
Well I don’t think I’m getting any further

I was recommended a book one time Truth and Beauty
But threw it out when I noticed it had to do with science
But how about this

Cacti(plural of cactus) have prickly hairs to pro-create evolution
But with their beauty can’t this be an illusion
I feel like I’m getting nowhere
I painted my masterpiece
God’s/Gods’ stillness love
I however have another thing I want to write before I die
The Grand Master Plan
It covers evolution, religion, free-will, everything
Actually I think I covered it in one of my love poems to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
‘’This might be the Grand Master Plan’’ or however it went

Then again, no, there is something to write about
evolution, religion, free-will, everything
the grand master plan
and maybe this was a warm-up

Övriga genrer (Essä/Recension) av Page Goldenboy VIP
Läst 47 gånger
Publicerad 2024-01-19 13:03

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Page Goldenboy
Page Goldenboy VIP