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18 januari 2024

Enlightenment is the data collapse of self

We cannot take in all sensory data and maintain our limited sense of self. Enlightenment is that moment being on the verge of data collapse.

You tap into the original source code and realise that the other perceived version of you was a limitation that enabled a separate view of reality through senses that limited reality.

We filter out data to construct our simulation, our game world, our illusory version of life. This is the mystical veil. We are veiling our source self to take on another form that exists within that same source.

The source remains as the fundament, while the localised versions filter out themselves to create their imaginary world. There is no real world for us to experience. Every experience is one step down from the ultimate.

Every world is created in separation. The mind divides itself into clusters perceiving a dream world, which is sustained by our source mind, just like a regular human dream.

We do not exist, but live in a veiled simulation from our highest self. All concepts, ideas, worlds, thoughts, etc. are formed on a lower step of ultimate reality.

At the top, beyond the highest step, everything cease to exist, even the concept of self, the concept of all there is, for there is nothing to separate itself. If there were, that would be something that is living on a step further down from that beyond-step which is our highest self, and the concept beyond such a highest self.

All of ”us”, all that ”we” see, sense and perceive is just a filtered down version of all there is. We do perceive reality, but we’re staring at it through symbols, through tinted glasses, through a biological technology that cannot process it all.

This filtering down is the birthing process of our sense of self, our perceived reality and separatness. Without a filtering device non of this would be perceived.

We think this is real, our life, our name and personhood, but that is all contained within a thought. We do not exist. The mind-shattering stilness beyond the filtered reality is a place in which the illusory self ceases to be.

The concept of stilness is loud and just another thought. But that gap between imagined existence is very real and quiet. It’s not even a gap, it’s just perceived as a gap, but that gap is all there is and the mind fills it with all that we perceive and experience.

We narrow down ourself to a point within ourself, forget our origin and open our eyes within the grand body of ourselves creating eye-paintings of what we see, and call this reduced masterpiece our reality.

We take what we see as reality and are not mindful of the filter that is put before us. The filter is the cause and a necessity for our imagined existence, all the while the true self is that unfiltered us to which we all belong. That one is the one we all are. This is the ”I am”.

Prosa av KPJ Sundquist
Läst 48 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2024-02-01 14:17

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KPJ Sundquist