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The killer(s)

Forgive me Father for I have killed.
They deserved it as they killed me first.
Please hear my prayers and tears.
My darlings did me much more worse.

I was shot while being enamored
under the bed sheets of stars
with the very same murderer
who’s driving that getaway car.

A family man’s deceit
ejected him from our escape plan
just to dance himself back to fidelity
after tying me to the rail tracks.

My back got stabbed by a traitor
over my innocent transgression,
leaving me to bleed in acres
as they resumed their fuck session.

So witness my Medea moment
except I’m childfree and guilt-free of that,
for my misfortune opened each one’s omen
from this blood carpet to the screens of Cannes.

A gunshot fired in the crowd,
his engineer's degree soaked in red.
Another gangster down.
Well, I recall that he made his bed.

Daddy’s ugly tears 'til the window
were not as grim as the scene outside
since his truth stole the whole show
as the ring dropped dead too from his wife.

I watched Judas sweat in fret
as she choked on the cyanide in her drink.
Baby don’t you cry for her yet
you just gulped a double dose in sync.

As my last teardrop has dried
like my slaughtered corpse in the casket
may I peacefully enter the other side
with fingers crossed for a happily ever after!

Bunden vers (Rim) av MorganLeFay
Läst 54 gånger
Publicerad 2024-02-18 14:05

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