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11 februari 2024

Sincere science is beautiful

We have died to our curiosity,

and blindly believe
the best guesses of scientists,

many of which are not aware
of the world beyond the material.

Sincere science is beautiful,

but it requires a mind
that is not of this world.

The minds of this world
are bound to the thinking
of this world,

unless and until
they transcend the mindscape

that they have been
wandering in aimlessly,

following the next
thought-desire into its den.

So called scientists
are caught in fox traps
that they themselves put out,

having forgotten
where they put

their foot,
eons ago.

The bone shaft is their Lucy
while they are blind to the lucid


pointing the way out
for the imaginary trapped one.

Fri vers av KPJ Sundquist
Läst 53 gånger
Publicerad 2024-02-25 20:35

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KPJ Sundquist