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11 mars 2024

A word on forgiveness

Forgive everyone for their shortcomings, especially those who raised you and were close to you in a worldly sense. They did the best they could. They simply didn’t know any better and were not capable at the time to behave in a more commendable manner.

Don’t hold anything against them. They truly don’t know what they are doing and they act out of a state that is ruled by unconsciousness, emotion and thought.

Realise this and forgiveness is in your heart, in your nature, in your soul, in your being. When you have forgiveness in your heart you are no longer the same person you used to be. A change has come over you that is profound. It is the second birth. The birth of a new you.

You are no longer irritated, angry, hateful, scared, sad, depressed, lonely or suffering. Because you can clearly see that there is no longer a reason to be. You have overcome this state.

Yet you will see people around you suffering and dealing with your previous state of being. They are on the battlefield of suffering not realising where they are. Most of them will not believe that it is possible to overcome their state of being, and most of them cannot see that they are suffering.

They chase the highs and suffer the lows, and this is what life is to them. They don’t remember that there is a constant peace that cancels out highs and lows. A state that is quiet and calm and clear.

They search intently for this peace, in their own worldly way. But they listen to thoughts which lead them astray and prevent them from hearing truths from those few who have overcome.

They do not want to be reminded and pointed back to God. Because it will kill them, and they are not ready to face death. They still think death is more than a word, for that is what thought tells them and they believe the lie.

Their perceived way out is seeking distraction from that which is hurting. They have different methods, some of which they look down upon more than others. Some temporarily forget their sorrows by drinking, or by eating, sexing, sleeping, lusting, drugging, gaming, gardening, working, singing, dancing.

It can be anything, any method that takes them away from God, and that keeps them in a state of unconsciousness. And no method is inherently better or worse than the other.

They pursue these distractions because they are told to do so by their false master in the mind. The overcomers remind them to not listen to the serpent in the mind, but the listeners let the serpent interpret their goodwill as a threat to their very existence. And it is. It is a threat to the grip the serpent holds over the listener. He does not want to let go of his victim. Because that is his life source.

It takes light of the awareness to see and hear the snake speaking. It takes an open and curious mind that is ready to overcome hell. The rest is easy. The rest is inevitable. Once you walk the path of overcoming there is no turning back, because you can clearly see how dark that previous path was.

So, go and forgive. But first, truly realise that it is wrong to hate anyone. They did not know any better, just as you did not know any better until you did.

Prosa av KPJ Sundquist VIP
Läst 37 gånger
Publicerad 2024-03-12 01:04

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