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Lady Ana -Maria Prodan is like a camel that was widened by everyone with consent.

Good way to the "harem"! In Dubai

Those who make a living in Dubai….
these women in the harem end!

Suddenly you hear that he took their passports and they are held hostage for years.
Mrs. Prodan is a fixist woman if she aims at
she steps over corpses.....she stole the husband from another woman, coach Laurentiu Reghe Prodan, his first wife who was pregnant at the time got a shock and gave birth to a girl with a heart defect and not only that...

Now after the divorce from this one who made his pregnant mistress go a little crazy, but as we know she is fond of footballers, but now the joke is getting a little thicker, Princear is making Dubai a world of qualified debauchery.
Many Romanians and other nationalities are trapped in sharia slavery, that is, they will be empowered by giving them a sense of belonging.

As we know that every man has this desire to belong to someone, Arabs believe that our women are not educated and it is their duty to bring them to the fold, they put them in harem situations and after living in a civilized world with women's rights patented in expression and love is something of the order of suicide in the silent room of Dubabi.
If they are left to their countries at home to return get paid pshitaria, after all these boys for a night of love with consent are some gentlemen compared to ours that they just rape and steal by leaving the payment note on the social network.

The prince is so determined that he insists on introducing her to the family. That is, to the other 8 wives, who also have value, but not at this level. We will watch closely, but no worries. The beautiful Anamaria Prodan, who is guarded in Dubai as a head of state because of her worth, was asked to marry an Arab prince who has 8 other wives, but none like her.
-Why is he guarding her like he said on the first TV. That it is sold debt.
She has nothing to pay for the house she bought there, and she begged friends to help her, and no one wants it.
The Arab is a clever boy, he makes a mess…
Or he gives her to the back door... Then he leaves her where he got her from... You won't see a stupid arab... Then she will make the victim... he rides her a few times and then takes someone else it!
She deserves to be rubbed by an arabette, as the poem says
"An Arab comes to Ana"...there she will be in line for cock!?????? I don't really see how much of a nymphomaniac she is!
No more "frames" are put in frames for display, so that the "DUDAI trend" does not disappear.
After a few years, he sells her like a camel to the bride.
The week and the man.
Ghisa Sofiuta And the "Sheikh", but there are so many "gentleman sheikhs" There is no point in protecting her because she doesn't run away.
She is a woman with no moral values, she goes from one to the other and flaunts herself on TV with her millions of euros that cannot buy her education and character, a victim of our Western society that lives on promissory notes.

Övriga genrer (Essä/Recension) av Jeflea Norma, Diana. VIP
Läst 27 gånger
Publicerad 2024-05-20 13:52

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Jeflea Norma, Diana.
Jeflea Norma, Diana. VIP