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Distressed and tired of what you have seen A shame to have done it all, by the age of eighteen

Wooden doll

I wish for someone
Who can clean a boundless mess
Who can arouse a wooden doll
and see exuberance in the lifeless

I wish to absorb
Every beautiful thing
The moon’s silver orb
Your voice when you sing

Yet it seems the more I draw
The less you have to give
These aching needs do harm
But they inspire me to live

I remember my spirit
Though it is buried down deep
You knew just how to stir it
Even how to make it weep

I have been wanting far too much
To discover, experience and amaze
Thus even if I give in for your touch
Nothing can bid my blood to race

For we both lost it
I never thought you could
How thrills do have a limit
For a person made of wood

Fri vers av Emma-Josefin
Läst 370 gånger och applåderad av 4 personer
Publicerad 2010-08-23 20:48

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Gillar den. Får mig att tänka på filmen Air Doll som jag såg igår.
Men jag gillar att du skriver på engelska.
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