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Before I met you
I was a hopeful, hopeless case
Looking to build a foundation,
where I could sketch my trace

Sometimes I find myself thinking
I'm not cut out for social life
Well, maybe after some drinking
But I'd never be a good
Stable wife

For things cannot be undone
Things cannot be unseen
and what else can you do but run,
when you've killed every fragment
of innocence
at the age of eighteen?

Scarred, but hollow
with a shameful luggage to cart
Introvert, but shallow
and without a human heart

Then along came you,
who seemed not to care
My knight in shiny armor
who was impossible to scare
Weakly I fell,
For your open affection
For your picture of me,
that was close to perfection

Maybe I was blinded
by the mirror in your eyes
Numbed by your tenderness
and deaf for your lies
but who is to define love,
if not someone who's been cursed?
What does reason,
sense and caution matter,
when you're soon about to burst?

Now you've seen me begging,
you've seen me plead
As if you're an old diary,
I'm dying to read
For it seems I missed,
a chapter or two
It seems I may have misread you

You remained untouched
You stayed on your guard
That cold, careless manner,
deserves an award

Congratulations, you win!
Very well you played your part
Very well you hid your faking
Like the man in tin
I now know I have a heart,
because I know that it's breaking

Fri vers av Emma-Josefin
Läst 405 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2012-01-18 00:08

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