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Double standard me

I'm a non-smoking smoker
a sober alcoholic
I excel, but am mediocre
I'm high and melancholic

I'm a perverted slut
for many men I'm spreading
Still I'm wearing virgin white
to my romantic wedding

I don't want to be dry down there
but I don't want to rot inside
So guilt is hiding in my hair
as I gladly give in and open wide

I sometimes want control
I'm submissive otherwise
I want to sell my soul
but to an expensive prize

Drugs are bad
Intoxication is sweet
It'll leave me sad
but it's a moment of heat

I'm on a strict diet
I love junk-food
My mind is peace and quiet
I'm in a killing-mood

Beat me hard and merciless
"I obviously won't call" I said
but bittersweetness lies in this mess
I'll always think of you in bed

Now, you ask me what I want in life
but you'll have to be more specific
The child, the slut or the future wife?
I'm all those things, it's scientific

And, you ask me what I believe in
and either way I'll lie
For when you're under my skin
I'll still want you to die

Fri vers av Emma-Josefin
Läst 388 gånger och applåderad av 8 personer
Publicerad 2011-10-30 19:36

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