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Mitt bidrag till en poesitävling för onlinespelet "World of Tanks".

Red dawn

As the red eye gazes upon yet another day,
it's hand painting darkened silhouettes upon the crimson grass,
the smoke still reaching higher,
leaving it's empty metal carcasses behind,
memories flows down my cheek,
leaving only images of comrades lost,
their hopes and dreams guides us now,
as we awaken to a dawn only footsteps away from the end,
a tremor walks along my body as the engine makes a roar,
the never ending arm of the oder reaches beyond my sight,
like it shapes it's path so shall we forge our destiny,
beyond the fiery horizon lies our goal,
the spires of Berlin reaches out and guides our guise,
to arms my comrades,
honor is what we know,
victory is what we will achieve.

Fri vers av Tobias Schön
Läst 327 gånger
Publicerad 2011-05-18 20:01

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Tobias Schön
Tobias Schön