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For she sang with the voice of an angel, and none could forever be untouched by her soul.

The world you made

He had lived an eternity

But for a brief moment

Crossed the seas

And conquered space


Touched the light of dawn

Sang the songs of the eternal sun

Prayed in the nothingness of space

Walked the clouds of heaven


Walked amongst the poets of sound

Embraced the beauty of music

Kissed the hem of innocence

Laughed with the crystal resonance of voice


Reminiscent the sadness of the past

Experienced the purity of joy


And all in but a few weeks

Where the boundaries of reality were broken

Where dreams became real

And the silver screen so utterly blinding

With the radiance of the french language

And singing trees of green


Of high heels echoing on perfect pavement

With timetables through a thousands of souls

Where a kiss was not a kiss but a question said in wrong

And the awakening of a letter missing


All of this we've experienced

And all of this will become remembered


For I have seen the light

The light that tore down the walls

The constant companion in my mind

The prettiest of roses

The giver of such bliss


To this I say to you

Take my hand, and do not weep for what is lost

Our words are priceless and giving

There will always be more


And the love I give is as endless as the sky

Fri vers (Fri form) av Von
Läst 402 gånger och applåderad av 5 personer
Publicerad 2012-11-11 22:58

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