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Jesus is a man with a beard.

Jesus is a man with a beard
He talks about love and does good deeds
No one really cares about his true agenda
No one really knows what he is made of
Turns water into wine and bread into fish
People lie at his feet for him to grant their wish
He sighs and walks another step on the path that's his prophecy
Who will neglect his caring heart and that he loves so tenderly
A crisis for the people is an opportunity for the strong
They see life where there's death, who will say it's wrong
Jesus cries when he is alone in his chamber
He thinks of penalties, remorse and of anger
He feels that he has to impress to suffice
Without his parents close, he feels like a stranger on the inside
But the love that Jesus holds for us is true and never-ending
Who would otherwise believe in
the message that he's sending
Walk a mile in his shoes and you'll see what it's like
To be hated, feared and misjudged by the people who are his kin
But his followers are united and have a mission in their heads
To tell the world about his powers, his capability, his name
If you'd ask Jesus himself, he was never prepared for such fame
He only happened to be born on a time where people are desperate
In the search for a meaning, a reason and a fate
He tries to be what they want him to be
A God, a friend, a father, someone who leads
He feels that it's his duty to release us from our fears
He gives us love when we want violence, he doesn't look away from the tears
No one knows him and we don't want to, 'cause we are scared that he's not our savior
Instead of trying to do good people fear the penalty for misbehavior
In some ways it's funny that Jesus has a beard and walks in sandals
He's just a man but because of God he's surrounded by scandals
Jesus wonders who came up with the idea of religion
That someone made his life different, it will never fade into oblivion
He knows this but he is calm, peaceful and understanding
He want to give us all the life that we're demanding
To show us love, to show us truth, because it really comes from within
That it's meaningless to point fingers, no one lives without sin
It's a hard job, it's ungrateful being called the son of the Maker
Sometimes he forgets his name, the fact that he is a faker
But someone has to be the one to bring people together
In hard times like these, a convenient lie can change the weather
So Jesus keeps on walking, praying for miracles just like we do
He smiles, he heals, he saves, and he has a beard too.

Fri vers av Lovisalouise
Läst 362 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2013-03-18 21:41

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    J. Herward

Fenomenal. Jag vet att jag skrev ett milslångt sms som respons och du vet vad jag tycker. Du har tolkat en levande människa av kött och blod. Nog känns det som om man kommer närmare Mr J då :)

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