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Something involving clowns

Let it go

leave it alone

don't touch it

don't even look at it

don't even breathe

and don't smile

why are you laughing, this is serious business

the clowns are getting restless

just take a breath, a shot of whatever you're drinking/smoking/injecting

exhale whatever fear you have

the clowns are restless

we have to proceed

are you afraid

have you met reality, no clowns in that place

we're too classy

you have to remember tha clowns

and how restless they are

they never rest

a total lack of rest is in progress at this time for the clowns

no, no, no... do not, I repeat, do not touch it

we're falling behind now

almost no clown left

a puddle of spit, a spittle of pud

a grand scheme, a plan involving several clowns

we have to see to the fucking clown

no, we probably shouldn't kill the clowns

cause if we kill them they would seize to be restless

and then we cannot realistically say that they are restless

no rest in death, therefore no lack of rest

... therefore, no clowns will die today

only you


Fri vers av Jonny Larsen
Läst 494 gånger
Publicerad 2013-03-21 11:07

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Jonny Larsen
Jonny Larsen