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It's over

Let’s not fight any more it’s over
It’s time for us to be sober
We’ve known this since last October
It’s time, we can’t sink any lower

You take the house I’ll sleep in the car
You need to talk? I’ll never be far
It’s just a mile to my favorite bar
Just call me, I know where you are

I know I fucked it up with you
Left you hanging when you felt blue
Kept on drinking all night through
Never saw it from your point of view

Tell your mother I’m the one to blame
Tell your sister to forget my name
Tell your father it was all in vain
Tell your friends that you’re free from the chain

I’m not asking you to forgive me
I won’t get on my knees and plea
This is not my attempt to flee
All I want is for you to be free

There’ll be times that I wished I stayed
When the bad memories has started to fade
When all the good cards have been played
And I’ve been hit with the ace of spades

Övriga genrer (Visa/Sångtext) av Andreek
Läst 498 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2016-08-28 00:14

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