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Seeds of Light

Our work is not New Age
It is Old Age
Following footsteps of Tradition, Transformation and Transition
Shape Shifting

Wisdom from our Ancestors
Grateful for the Elders that have shared their knowledge
Some of them were taken from us
Burned or buried
Some persisted

We honour them by remembering and learning
Cherishing the sacredness they carry
They honour us by crossing between and beyond
Guding us how to do the same

We listen to those with roots, the four legged ones and those with wings
Those that take a stand and those that swim
Some lessons are taught in school so we integrate with Science
Teachers may come in all shapes and forms

It is all connected

The presence of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.
The presence of East, South, West and North

Of Down
Of Up

The Moon who gently kisses the ground
Before it dances across the starry skies
The Sun who knows the strength of compassion by sharing its Brilliance and giving Space

Grateful to all my teachers
Planting Seeds of Light
To all my Relations

Fri vers av Elin Ers
Läst 233 gånger och applåderad av 7 personer
Publicerad 2019-08-15 09:32

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Elin Ers
Elin Ers