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Den här skrev jag till en tjej som är en riktig fighter.


Im a survivor of a broken past,
Im a fighter made to last.
My mind is a night that is starless,
all my thoughts are wandering in darkness.

No one can hear me scream,
all they see is a girl stuck in a dream.
But the truth is Im in a nightmare,
and Im gasping for some freash air.

Somedays I feel like dying,
when I lay in my bed crying.
But then I remember,
that my heart is a glowing ember.

And it can grow big as a forest fire,
for everyone to see and admire.
Im a survivor built to last,
Im a fighter who fought my past.

Bunden vers (Rim) av Mauri Kattila
Läst 127 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2019-10-01 16:23

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Mauri Kattila
Mauri Kattila