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putting things to rest
three sunday pancakes down
and the rest in my face
she's saying she hopes
i'll one day break my neck
and keep on living in weird angles
see what you look like from the outside

a fucking mess


and her face is purple
beauties rock any and everything, even
making it's way down cheeks
dripping down my t-shirt
she's decided to wear
it's like im fighting myself in a way

"you look like an asshole too now" is what i said
"and now my love, you dont dress that well"

see the cats dancing in our bed
around the shrapnel from your mothers vase
i threw like an ancient spear





break it into equations
when romance is dead
poach plans in the middle of them
trying to tear down walls with scissors
sister, you get shit for the effort
lady, we were falling off buildings together
enjoying the sunset in the process
just not figuring out by which floor it's most golden, is it
by fifth with the weird german couple
or third by the mean faced alcoholic
who never said hello in the staircase, is it
down in the schoolyard below as a splatter pattern
just another thing for the tramadol-kids to stare at

"bro, that guy is a puddle"


you would rock that too, wouldn't you darling

if you die when you're young
as henrik berggren sang
there's gotta be a cutoff somewhere
bet your ass i'll romanticize it
and i'm just trying to recreate
you'll see the good parts five years later
after the ones where you hate me, when there's words on paper
sending you love letters in morse code baby
by fists on the kitchen sink
this hand's gotta be part stainless steel, injecting me with
pen after pen after pen after pen, drinking like the legendaries
broken at the tip, filling your boiling blood stream with graphite and ink
none the wiser just looking blueish and sick
like you tatooed your insides: if this is a map
then i hope it leads the hell out of here
and if this is a life then it's written in sin
maybe i'll pound that into the sink



i dont need you to break my heart
get that job done myself on the daily
three sunday pancakes down and the rest in my face
thinking about love and how much you know you have to give
and how good you are at kicking it's sparkling white teeth in
on the nightly, seeing her face through the liquids and the fog
adjusting the story, playing god is too addictive to get a hold on
it's so slippery, drottningsylt on skin
thinking about love
kicking its god damned teeth in

Fri vers av Love Död VIP
Läst 63 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2020-07-31 02:48

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Love Död
Love Död VIP