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Grease monkey


Some how its a work and lonesom sometimes ...

But it find some peculiur ways to smear in the ordinary day into a

thick greasy situation.... however maybe we learn something about something..

And what's that something just grease and black crude that spots my life ...

greasy hands fingerprints everything i touch , maybe i got a screw or two loose somewhere in my rainbowland... but anyway i try to do it right ..!

even for a grease monkey...

nuts and bolts..hard like a stupid fu..ker and you bet i piss gasoline when i am on fire!

alright ! It's not about to fix this engine but i learn to be patient with me and my self in a matter of enlightenment.. but still you can't settle down a bit, thats the nagging thing about you .. what wouldn't i want a engine like yours .. but it's fueled by frightening and emotional effects and maybe not so smooth after all..


Still here I am in my dungeon with odors of gas and oil that shit people fight for the black crude or black gold... temporary I feel free right now! Not at least haunted by you but your engine is far stronger then it seems even if it's fueled by paradoxicall elements... well i know for sure you want me... but for crist sake why dont you show it more!

dropping some bolts on the ground to make some noise even if i hear upstairs their are some activity perhaps my mom is in a process of here own ...


lite tankar medans man vilar sig på ett kallt betong golv... yeah you are in my life all the time so don't you worry about a thing that i will loose the connection, just recharging my battery...everyone need to do that!

Övriga genrer (Drama/Dialog) av danne //
Läst 254 gånger och applåderad av 6 personer
Publicerad 2021-02-18 12:06

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  Solstrale VIP
Ja att ladda batterierna är viktigt... Och att ta hand om sin inre motor motivationen och tanka den med allsköns sysselsättning eller känsloyttringar ex en dikt,,eller var helst man nu skulle behöva det ... En kram!
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danne //
danne //