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11 november 2021


We are all connected
through an energetical frequency field.
It is the weaving web that binds us,
the tapestry of all living things,
the soul that we all belong to.

This field is not material,
yet it is that which upholds matter.
It is everything there is,
matter and beyond matter.

All that we
see, hear, feel, taste, smell, touch, think
is this field,
is connected
to this field.

It is this field that has created
matter from itself,
and the creation is still part of himself,
as the creator is part of ourself,
for there is no part to be
outside of this dancing wave,
this music of life.

Everything is frequency,
field, God, Allfader, awareness, web, energy.
It is from this energetical core
that everything springs from.

A tree's roots stem from this core
and its crown reaches towards itself,
as does every branch,
for every direction is part of
and connected to the field.

No direction is the wrong direction
to reach out to one's self,
for every direction is oneself.
It is not a separate thing
connected to another separate thing,
everything is an extension of itself.

We have become so used to
seeing things as separated
and disconnected from everything else.

This is the world view
we pass down to our children,
that society holds,
that everything is disconnected,
and this is the illusion that we live in.

We are all connected.
We are all the same.
We are the field,
for there is only one field,
and everything we see as separate entities,
whether it be stones or humans,
are extensions of the same field.

It's field being field.
Not really "the field",
for there is no other.
Not really "a field",
for there is no other.

The branches of a tree
are connected to the same trunk
and stem from the same seed.

The waves of the ocean
are not separate from the ocean,
they are the ocean,
each single wave is the ocean.
You cannot point at
a single wave and truthfully say
that this one is separate from the ocean.

Just as each shaft of hair
is part of the pelt.
As each grass straw
is part of the grass field,
you cannot say that
a certain straw is not
part of the grass field,
or that a tree is not
part of the forest.

Even a cloud is not truly separate
from another cloud,
or a lake from another lake.
They may be materially separate,
but not truly so.

In the same way
each human being is the same,
each stone, and deer is the same,
because they are one,
connected and existing
as the source of all there is.

A tree may not be able
to conceptualise and think
about itself as separate
or part of this field
the way humans might.

This makes us different.
We have been bestowed with
the gift
of not only being part of all there is,
but have been given the capability
to realise that we are part of all there is.

We can be the tree branch
knowing itself
as the tree branch
and the seed.

We can be the wave
knowing itself
as the wave
and the ocean.

We have been given the gift to dance
with one foot in each dimension,
one in the material realm
as the human being being human,
and one foot that reverberates
and dances through and beyond all matter.

This interdimensional dance
is the dance of phallus and womb
through which true art is born
to showcase our connected relations to each other,
to remind ourself in others.

For the mirror you see
in a human eye
is you
staring back
at you.

Your soul
behind the amnesiac mask
seeing itself as field.

Each of our hearts
dance this dance,
they all beat as field.

Fri vers av KPJ Sundquist VIP
Läst 71 gånger
Publicerad 2021-11-11 15:15

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KPJ Sundquist VIP