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Självporträtt för hennes citron och familj

In search of a new language, a dangler in disguise, tangled me by, asking why.
Smirking i answered, i wish to see us now, lemon dance, daughter of Ramona.
My windows tip brakes wind for you,
I leap dead and thin for who. I knew.
My eyes to whom I gauntly face, spoken word and misplaced fate.
I share with you, my lemon dance, mother sweet of greek Ramon.

I feel for you my naked shoe, dressed in smells like tangierian food. i tell myself though her wish came true, my eyes flew fit like never before. A poisonous fog my love for whom. I know it bloomed like citrus in her yard, leprechauns I surely saw, licking her wounds and flicking her goons. Woman, ladies all correct. Scrutinize my tears for you, found questions spelled both back and forth.
Now my fingers lingers by the curls of her cheek, glazed past bedtime as she speak, she left me cracked open stranded in the hay. Lay now lay family Ramona.

Fri vers (Prosapoesi) av Alberta #3
Läst 49 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2023-03-04 17:50

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Alberta #3
Alberta #3